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Will WMA titles play on my MP3 Player?

Most portable devices can play OverDrive MP3 titles, but WMA titles can only be transferred to portable devices that support DRM-protected WMA files.

Check your manufacturer's website, or search the internet, to see if your player supports DRM-WMA. If you are still unsure, follow these steps to test your unit for compatibility:

  1. OverDrive Media Console must be installed on your computer.
  2. Download this DRM-WMA test file.
  3. Transfer the test file to a portable device. For best results, it is recommended that you use the OverDrive Media Console to perform the transfer.
  4. Play the test file on the portable device.

If the file plays without issue, the device supports OverDrive WMA titles. If the device will not play the test file, or if playback is erratic, the device may not support the playback of DRM-WMA.

Apple devices support OverDrive MP3 titles only. OverDrive MP3 titles should play on the iPod Shuffle, but you must use iTunes to transfer OverDrive MP3 files to the device rather than using the OverDrive Media Console Transfer Wizard.

Visit the Device Resource Center for a partial list of known incompatible devices.

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