October 17, 2012 Library Board Minutes




October 17, 2012

Board Members Present:

Ann-Margaret Shortt, Chair

Alison Armstrong

Natalie Cherbaka

Ginny Gardner

Gene Hyde

Anne Page

Darlene Richardson


County and Affiliate Liaisons Present:

Mary Biggs, Montgomery County Board of Supervisors


Staff Members Present:

Paula Alston, Library Director

Ruthie Bellman, Senior Program Assistant


Board Members Absent:

Margaret Christle

Karen Drake


County and Affiliate Liaisons Absent:

Kit Haggard, Floyd Friends of the Library

MaryAnn Hinshelwood, MFRL Foundation

Mary North, Montgomery Friends of the Library

Lauren Yoder, Floyd County Board of Supervisors


Call to Order: Chair Ann-Margaret Shortt called the monthly meeting of the MFRL Board of Trustees to order at 7:06 p.m., on Wednesday, October 17, 2012 at the Meadowbrook Library.


Roll Call: Ms. Shortt


Acceptance of Agenda: A motion was made to accept the revised agenda. Trustee Ginny Gardner motioned and by Trustee Gene Hyde seconded the motion to approve the agenda. The motion carried unanimously and the agenda was passed.

Approval of Minutes: The motion was made by Trustee Darlene Richardson, seconded by Trustee Alison Armstrong and the board voted to approve the September 19, 2012 minutes.

Public Address:

Supervisor Mary Biggs presented a resolution honoring the memory of past Library Board member Margaret Childress to her son Floyd Childress. Mr. Childress thanked everyone and mentioned that being a part of the Library Board was a joy to his mother.


Unfinished Business:

Law Computer

Director Paula Alston talked with Chris Tuck to let him know there is one station in Blacksburg where the law computer with the legal software could be placed. It will be in the queue with all the other public computers. We can mark it for legal research and if someone needs to do legal research, this is the computer they reserve. If the computer was in use at the time of reservation, the researcher will have to wait until that person’s session end. Mary Biggs, Liaison for the Board of Supervisors asked how statistics will be reported. Ms. Alston will talk to Chris Elledge, Systems Administrator about this.

New Business:

2013 Holiday Schedule

Ms. Alston stated that we follow Montgomery County’s schedule for holidays and they follow the state’s schedule. According to the state website, December 24, 2012 has become a full day off.


She reminded the group that the libraries close at 5:00 p.m. the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day and asked if the board would like to continue this practice. This year that includes December 26 and 27. In 2013, this is December 23 and December 26.


Also, it appears that the state will close for a full day on Monday, December 31 this year. If they do and Montgomery County also closes for a full day, then our policy says Ms. Alston will confer with the Board chair to determine our hours of operation for that day.


Trustee Anne Page moved to approve the 2013 Holiday Schedule. Mr. Hyde seconded the motion. A vote was taken and the holiday schedule was passed unanimously.


Report of the Director


We have finished the third month of the fiscal year and should be at 25% of the budget for the year.



OverDrive numbers continue to rise.


Programming and Collection

Sarah Pahl, Youth Services Manager, worked with a local community group called Community Cello Works to bring Storytime with Cellos to the Blacksburg Library. It took place during story time. Sixty patrons attended this program and had a great time


Another teen program offered in Christiansburg was Cupcake Wars. This well attended program had 17 participants. Teens were given a plain cupcake and had to decorate it with the supplies provided. They were fairly creative. We had three teens join the Teen Advisory Group or TAG in September so this group continues to grow.


One of our Strategic Plan objectives was to celebrate the 225th anniversary of the US Constitution. Blacksburg had 4 programs with 68 attendees and Christiansburg had 3 with 142 attendees. All four libraries had displays.


Currently, all libraries are displaying books on breast cancer for breast cancer awareness month and in keeping with spirit of our grant from the Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation


Meadowbrook had the League of Women Voters on September 22 registering people to vote. All three Montgomery County libraries are polling places so they will be busy places on November 6.


We have six Nooks that we have been circulating for 22 months. They have averaged 34 circs so they are holding up well. We will take several of them out of circulation in the near future and turn them into training Nooks for staff. Ms. Alston would like to consider adding newer models. We just heard from OverDrive yesterday that Barnes and Noble now has an OverDrive app that will make downloading from OverDrive to the newer Nooks (NookHD, Tablet and Color) seamless.


Facilities and Technology


The Request for Proposal for a new phone system hit the street last week and so we expect to see proposals and make a selection in November. We want to tie all four buildings together with a phone system instead of having four independent systems and we are also looking a Voice over IP. For better customer service, we would like the phone to be answered by a person during open hours, rather than an auto attendant where the person has to remember what numbers to push to get someone. We will use $6,500 in FY11 carry forward money and e-rate money to pay for it.


Currently the IT staff is running more wires into Meadowbrook for their additional computers and their electronic sign. A work order has been sent to the County to hang the TV for the sign behind and to the right of the circ desk so we hope that will soon be up and running. Floyd will be next in the electronic sign queue. We will purchase their TV with donation money and will start working on that as soon.


The Library of Virginia (LVA) has entered into an agreement with Evanced Solutions to provide a statewide tracking system for the summer reading programs. The state wants to use these statistics to study the impact of summer reading programs on students. The study is being conducted with the assistance of the Virginia Department of Education. Virginia has very strong data privacy laws and LVA will require all libraries to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that they will comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998. Larger libraries around the state have already been using this software to track their summer reading kids rather than using paper. Sarah will attend training in November then we will decide whether we want to participate. Ms. Alston would like to as long as it is not too labor intensive for staff.


Staff and Trustees

The Foundation is planning a reception celebration on Sunday, November 4 from 2:30-4:30 p.m. at the Blacksburg Library. There will be an e-book demonstration, a brief introduction of the Foundation, a talk by local author Ed Falco. The Library Board members were invited to attend. This is a fundraiser for the endowment.


The last of the Community conversations will be Monday, October 29 at 7:00 p.m. at the Blacksburg Library. The previous three meetings have been successful. Attendees will learn much and have the opportunity to ask questions of County Administrator Craig Meadows and the Board of Supervisors. Since the Library is the site of this last conversation, Ms. Alston will send out several reminders over the next two weeks to remind board members.


Montgomery County is undergoing a minor compensation and pay plan study. Ms. Alston is on the committee to review requests for proposals and make a recommendation to the County Administrator. Pay studies are good things to do every 5-8 years to make sure the pay scale is keeping pace with your neighbors so you don’t lose qualified, trained employees to someone who pays more. Montgomery County’s last pay study was approximately eight years ago.


Ms. Alston had emailed the board a month ago to let them know that we nominated Nannie Hairston for the Strong Men and Women in Virginia award. We will try to capitalize on publicity in January.


The Friends of the Library are holding their annual meeting next Tuesday, Oct 23, 7:00 p.m. at the Blacksburg Library. The featured speaker is school superintendent Brenda Blackburn.



There were two incidents to report. Some creative person with a can of orange and red spray paint decided to decorate the Draper side of the Blacksburg Library. Staff was able to get the paint off the glass and the Grounds staff removed it from the tile. The young man was active that night as he hit over 100 other sites in Blacksburg. We captured video of him on the security camera that faces those doors, but it was 2 a.m. but you could not see details. However, we know what he was wearing. Hopefully other security cameras around town captured more.


The second one also happened at Blacksburg. A patron apparently went directly to the police department on October 1 and said there was a suspicious looking person in the children’s department. This patron did not alert staff. The Police arrived and walked through the building and then reported to staff that the person did not appear to be doing anything wrong. The person they identified was a young man in a hooded sweatshirt with baggy pants and an arm load of books. When he checked out, staff asked if he found everything he needed and he said he was looking for books and videos for himself and his sister.



We received a reconsideration this month. The patron was unhappy with the fact that the two Boy Scout manuals included a section in the front called “How to Protect Your Child from Child Abuse: A Parent’s Guide.” The section was perforated so she felt it was meant to be ripped out and took it upon herself to rip them out. The Reconsideration committee recommended they remain on the shelf intact and Ms. Alston agrees. Staff mentioned to her she may have to pay for damaging the material and we do have a scale for charging people for minor damage to library materials.


Committee Reports

Executive Committee – Did not meet.


Development Committee – Did not meet.


Leadership Committee – Did not meet.


Policy Committee – Did not meet.


Floyd Friends of the Library – Nothing to report.


MFRL Foundation – Nothing to report.


Ms. Page moved to adjourn the meeting and Ms. Richardson seconded the motion. The meeting was adjourned at 7:59 p.m.

Approved by the Library Board DRAFT

Gene Hyde, Secretary

Ruthie Bellman, Recorder


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