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oneclickdigital Check out our newest resource that is sure to please audiobook listeners! One Click Digital offers audiobooks exclusively and provides a simplistic download platform with dream advanced search options for any user who has ever had trouble searching for something appropriate to check out. One of the best parts about this database is that most audiobooks can be downloaded by multiple users simultaneously! Click to read more…


We have a subscription to the core collection that One Click Digital offers, meaning that we have access to 3200+ titles, including 200 classics. These can be checked out simultaneously by multiple users, and more titles are being added all the time. There are a few titles from Recorded Books that will only be available to one user at a time, but these are in the minority.

There are three ways to listen to these audiobooks. One Click Digital Media Manager is a quick download, and is the recommended method for managing your audiobook check-outs and listening to material. However, patrons can also simply download a book to their computer and listen to it using their computer’s media player or transfer it to their mp3 player of choice. Windows users are able to listen to encrypted or unencrypted material, but Mac users should be aware that they will need to select only those titles that are not protected by DRM. If this sounds complicated, don’t worry, once you have searched, you will have an option along the right-hand side to limit based on DRM. Select “Not Protected” if you’re using a Mac. Windows users don’t need to worry about selecting one or the other.

What else can you limit by?

Once you’ve done a search, there are many other categories you can use to limit your results. The first category allows patrons to easily see how many books are available and how many are unavailable. At the time I wrote this post, only six items were unavailable in the entire database (these are likely the titles with only one license). You can also limit by genre (Classics, Fantasy, Humor, Literary Fiction, etc…) and target audience (conveniently, the youth breakdown includes Beginning Reader, Childrens, and Young Adult).

Now, onto the really fun stuff…

I love how this database is really tailored to the serious audiobook listener. If you go to the Advanced Search, there are some really great options. People browsing in the stacks often mention that they wish audiobooks were organized by duration or by narrator. Well, now they have the ability to search all of these things very conveniently! If they loved the sound of a certain narrator’s voice, patrons can easily find their other recordings. If a family is going on a six hour car trip, and they want to finish the book before arriving at their destination, they can quickly find books of a suitable length. These are options that Overdrive’s advanced search does not offer, so make sure audiobook lovers know that this database might make their searches a bit easier! (Do keep in mind, though, that like Freading with its eBooks, One Click Digital will not have as many of the popular titles that Overdrive has).

A few other cool things…

-Titles patrons have checked out in the past are saved in this database. Just click on the History tab under the My Collections heading

-Patrons can add personal notes to books they have read- an easy and convenient way for them to keep a reading log

-Audiobooks can be given a star rating (much like Netflix), and the average score is displayed in the details of the item record

-Patrons have a 48 hour window to check out their holds once they become available. However, if you forget, you don’t go to the end of the list, you just drop down one space in line!

-You can sign up for monthly notifications of new releases

Last, but not least, here is some important One Click Digital circulation information:


Check Out Period Patron can choose from 1 to 10 days
Maximum Number of Check Outs 10
Maximum Number of Renewals 1
Renewal Period Patron can choose from 1 to 7 days
Maximum Holds 3


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  1. This sounds like a great service. Maybe we could post something about it in the audiobook section? I think just printing out this blog post and hanging it up there would be a good way to publicize it.

  2. I agree with Mary…this service would definitely get publicity if we had a flyer hanging up in that section of the library. It would be a non-intrusive way to spread the word. That way, savvy patrons could take the initiative and investigate on their own, and technologically-cautious patrons can inquire further about One Click Digital at the desk.

  3. I think Marys idea is great…having something posted in the audio area would help get the word out. What a great program for the patrons!

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