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zinio Good news for tablet owners! We now have online access to a large number of popular magazines, thanks to Zinio and the Library of Virginia! This is especially nice for those of you who want to get caught up on all of the Newsweek articles you missed when its print version was canceled. Although viewing magazines is fairly simple and seamless, the set-up requires two different log-ins. Read on to learn how to get started…



2 Ways to View

There are two different options to view magazines through Zinio:

  1. Online with a web browser: The only necessity is that you have Adobe Flash and a fairly up-to-date browser. (No other downloading of any software needed- try it out right now!)
  2. Offline with Zinio Reader Software: You must download the Reader upfront, but from then on you don’t need an Internet connection to read your magazines once they’ve downloaded to your device.


2 Log-ins are Necessary

  1. The initial account is created through RB Digital Gateway. This should be considered the library’s portal. It is with this site that you can see all of the periodical titles that are available to you as a library patron. This is the first thing you will access when you click on Zinio from our homepage.
  2. The second account is created the first time you try to checkout a magazine and is through Zinio itself. You must be logged in to Zinio to see what is on your reading list and to view your magazines online.


After you’ve created both accounts and started a reading list, you’ll become familiar with the steps to gain access to these databases. RB Digital will always be the first thing you log in to, and in the upper right hand corner of that page there will be a link called “Go to my checked-out magazines.” This takes you directly to the Zinio log-in.



RB Digital Gateway: Browse through all of the magazines that are available to be checked out for free. There are 5 pages of magazines in a variety of genres. Here are the titles new to our system that we do not have in print:

Apple Magazine

Do It Yourself


Men’s Fitness


PC Magazine


Women’s Health

Check out the selection though, because there are sure to be some titles that are only available at one or two branches in print, and they will be new to you!


Zinio: If you start poking around on the Zinio side of things, you’ll see a large number of categories you can browse through. However, BEWARE! Most of these titles cost money, and in fact, if you hit the wrong button you could potentially see them appear in your shopping cart. But, I’ve noticed that there are a few issues available for free viewing for promotional purposes, so that might be something to keep in mind.


The bottom line:

RB Digital displays magazines the library subscribes to and we check out for free!

Zinio typically displays magazine subscriptions that you pay for!



(These comments are related to online viewing without Zinio software)

Preferences and menu options are located along the lower menu bar.

-The symbol that looks like a gear is where you can adjust your settings. For instance, the magazine pages will slide by default, but if you prefer the good old-fashioned page flip, you can change it here

-The plus symbol allows you to share a magazine page with a variety of social media including Facebook and Twitter

-The two symbols near the right hand edge of the screen allow you to skip immediately to the Table of Contents or view a thumbnail version of every page in the magazine (hovering over each icon will let you know its purpose if it’s not self-explanatory)

-Finally, the arrows on the right will let you “turn” the pages!

All of you lucky people out there with tablets and smart phones, feel free to chime in if you’ve downloaded the Zinio Reader software and want to share anything about viewing magazines that way!


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