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Picture1Where do you usually go to search for computer and technology-related questions? General One File or Academic Search Complete might work, but why not try a database that has already been narrowed down to the top sources on your topic? Our computer database is easy to overlook, but it is included under the General Research category on our database page. Click to read more about this hidden gem!


Because this database is provided by the Gale/Cengage consortium, the home page and search options should look very familiar. The search format you might be used to seeing in General One File appears here as well. Therefore, I’m going to use this post mainly to discuss the type of content that is available.

Use this database to find introductions to new computer-related products, reviews of hardware, software, and electronics, and news in the realms of engineering, communications, and the application of technology.

As of October 9, 2013 there were 8,872,680 articles published between 1980 and 2013 included in the database itself. However, we do not necessarily subscribe to the full-text version of all of these. A good way to check on the availability of a journal or periodical is to do a Publication Search. Hover over the result and a little bubble will appear that includes the dates that we have access to full-text versions of its articles.

I did a little poking around to see whether any big journal titles are included in this database and it turns out we have at least a few years of two of the top computer science journals recommended by Thomson Reuters’ Essential Science Indicators (IBM Journal of Research & Development and Computer-Aided Design).  Other popular periodicals cover a wide range of computer platforms and technology topics (PC World, MSDN Magazine, Wired, Linux Gram, Mac World, etc.).

Check out these current topics you can read about in our Computer Database:

Facebook privacy tips on how to maximize control over your profile

Fascinating and disturbing articles on Google Glass, which is a wearable computer with a head-mounted display

Sneak attacks employed by the most ruthless hackers

Latest news on Xbox One

This is certainly a database that includes a healthy mix of scholarly articles and popular news topics. Don’t let it get lost in the shuffle!

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