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Picture1    “I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself than be crowded on a velvet cushion” –Henry David Thoreau. Nestled amongst all of our other databases is a little website devoted to famous quotes and authors. You can find it under the ‘Quotations’ category on the database page. Take a look!



On Famous Quotes and Authors.com you can search 25,000 quotations and over 6,700 authors from Benjamin Franklin to Margaret Mead to Garrison Keillor.

There are multiple ways to browse. The menu bar at the top of the screen contains all of your options; try clicking on “Quotes by Author” to browse through authors by the first letter of their last name.  You can also search for a quote based on topics such as:

Birthdays and age





Or …

The moon!

When you come across a quote that you like you can click a link to “Add to Favorite List.” This list of favorites will be preserved for the duration of your browser session. Make sure you copy any quotes that you want to keep to a permanent location before you close your session down.

Unfortunately, this website is peppered with ads, so be careful where you click. There is one especially pervasive ad that appears as an entire page. To escape from it you must close the window and click “Leave this page.”


Happy quote hunting!

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