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links_NGKIDS   It looks like we have a new database! This one is centered on National Geographic Kids and is full of great cultural, historical, and environmental information. Not only can you use this database to browse through issues of the magazine online, but you can also count it as another great source for eBooks directed towards kids! Click the link for more information.



Subject Areas


The creators of this database have divided National Geographic’s information into six general categories:




Peoples and Cultures


Science and Technology


Whether you’re within a category or just on the home page, information is provided in three general formats:


There are more than 500 pictures that are free to download for educational use. Find anything from a 1962 photograph of steaming vents in Yellowstone Park to a  2007 wedding celebration in Maralal, Kenya. Expand the citation tools box to get bibliography and download options. The little icon of a page and a wrench (second from left) will let you select between two citation styles: MLA 7th Edition and APA. You can also export the citation to third party software like EndNote and RefWorks. The image will download in a PDF if you click the download icon (blue arrow pointing down).


The second general category, and maybe the most exciting, includes eBooks. Some examples include:

Face to Face with Sharks

Science Fair Winners- Experiments to do on your Family

The Ultimate Dinopedia: The Most Complete Dinosaur Reference Ever

Lost Boy, Lost Girl: Escaping Civil War in Sudan

What Darwin Saw: The Journey that Changed the World

Countries of the World series

It’s wonderful to have this extra cache of Juvenile Non Fiction at our fingertips. Often school kids are working on the same topic at the same time, and this is an extra place to look to find sources.

You can flip through these books on your computer’s Internet browser, in a similar way to Zinio. The pages don’t load quite as quickly, but you have all of the usual options to transition to full screen, zoom, change brightness/contrast, print, and get citations.


The magazines section is fairly self-explanatory. Here you will find issues of National Geographic Kids, and as with the eBooks, you can scroll through each issue using arrows at the top of the screen and search within for certain terms. Citations are provided for particular articles. Full text issues of National Geographic Kids are available from 2009 to the present, however, there is a 3 month embargo, meaning that at any time, the most recent magazine in the database will be three months old.

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