May 16, 2012 Library Board Minutes




May 16, 2012


Board Members Present:

Ann-Margaret Shortt, Chair

Natalie Cherbaka

Margaret Christle

Ginny Gardner

Gene Hyde

Andy Morikawa

Anne Page


County and Affiliate Liaisons Present:

Mary Biggs, Montgomery County Board of Supervisors

Kit Haggard, Floyd Friend of the Library

MaryAnn Hinshelwood, MFRL Foundation


Staff Members Present:

Paula Alston, Library Director

Ruthie Bellman, Senior Program Assistant

Elizabeth Sensabaugh, Blacksburg Library Branch Supervisor


Board Members Absent:

Karen Drake

Darlene Richardson


County and Affiliate Liaisons Absent:

Mary North, Montgomery Friends of the Library

Lauren Yoder, Floyd County Board of Supervisors


Call to Order: Chair Ann-Margaret Shortt called the monthly meeting of the MFRL Board of Trustees to order at 7:04 p.m., on Wednesday, May 16, 2012 at the Blacksburg Library.


Roll Call: Ms. Shortt


Acceptance of Agenda: The motion was made by Trustee Gene Hyde and was seconded by Trustee Andy Morikawa, and the Board voted to accept the agenda with the amendment to move the Closed Session to the end.

Approval of Minutes: The motion was made by Mr. Morikawa, seconded by Mr. Hyde and the board voted to approve the April 18, 2012 minutes.


Public Address: Elizabeth Sensabaugh, Branch Supervisor for the Blacksburg Library was introduced. Also, new board member Natalie Cherbaka was welcomed by Chair Ann-Margaret Shortt.


Unfinished Business: None


New Business:

Pay Scale for Non-classified Employees

Director Paula Alston distributed three documents to the board with information regarding the current six step pay scale for non-classified employees, a list of current employees and their hourly rates, and a new pay scale that she is proposing which has eight pay steps that includes a 3% increase between steps.


Ms. Alston gave a background on the current pay-scale. The non-classified position of circulation specialist was created in 2004 as a cost saving measure. Full time jobs were eliminated to create a lump sum of money to hire people to work the front desks. They work for an hourly wage with no benefits and are not included on the classification and compensation plan for Montgomery County. Early on many of the positions became a revolving door and what we lost was a lot of knowledge.


The Montgomery County Administrator’s budget currently includes a 2% raise for all classified employees. Ms. Alston feels strongly that we cannot neglect 46% of our employees. Last July, when county employees were given a 3% raise the county was able to increase our lump by 3%. For the 2%, it was stated that was for Montgomery County classified employees.


Ms. Alston believes we can manage to give them a 2% increase out of the existing lump because last year we held back approx $4000 to pay for shelving help in Blacksburg and to pay for bringing all employees together for staff day. If we don’t reserve funds to do that, then the week of staff day becomes a scheduling nightmare for the libraries.


Obviously, by giving the raise, we eliminate some flexibility. If we have vacancies through the year or don’t use the courier sub as much, we can build some funds to ease the scheduling issue. Also, by holding staff day in March, we have a good idea what kind of savings we have in the lump. Ms. Alston asked for board approval to give non-classified employees a 2% raise on their anniversary date if the 2% raise for classified employees remains in the County Administrator’s budget.


The discussion moved to the current pay scale and the proposed pay scale. The current pay scale contains six steps at 2.5% increase. The proposed scale has an eight step plan with an increase of 3% between steps. One of the reasons is that we have three non-classified employees who have capped out of current scale and Ms. Alston would like to see them receive an increase. The goal is to keep the top range of the CS below what an LSS starts at. Currently, LSS’ start at $11.80. The 2009 update to the scale was to bring the sub and the page positions up to minimum wage, so we have not had an increase to the scale in at least six years. And this really is not an increase to the scale; it is adding two more steps and making the increases 3% instead of 2.5. For the FY 13 raise, we would only raise each employee 2%. We cannot currently afford to take them to the next step.


Trustee Anne Page moved to give non-classified Montgomery County employees a 2% raise based on merit from the current lump sum, to be given on employee’s anniversary dates. Mr. Hyde seconded the motion. The board voted by roll call and the motion was passed unanimously.


Roll Call Vote: Aye Nay

Ann-Margaret Shortt X

Natalie Cherbaka X

Margaret Christle X

Ginny Gardner X

Gene Hyde X

Andy Morikawa X

Anne Page X

Mr. Morikawa moved to approve the eight step pay scale for non-classified employees. Mr. Hyde seconded the motion. The board voted by roll call and the motion was passed unanimously.


Roll Call Vote: Aye Nay

Ann-Margaret Shortt X

Natalie Cherbaka X

Margaret Christle X

Ginny Gardner X

Gene Hyde X

Andy Morikawa X

Anne Page X



Report of the Director


We have completed month 10 of the fiscal year and should be at 83% of the annual budget.

We had a bit of a shock when we received our rates for the next 2 quarters for unemployment insurance. It went up approx $40/per employee. We don’t estimate what is budgeted by Montgomery County, that is completed by Finance but we do budget for Floyd so we will have to compensate for the increase.


We submitted an appropriation for e-rate, some Gates grant money and our annual donation from the Friends of the Library. It will go before the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors at their first meeting in June.


We received a letter from the Town of Blacksburg today letting us know we will receive a donation of $12,000 for FY13.



You may remember that we added video games to our collection several months ago. We are one of the few libraries in the state that circulate games. System-wide we have 136 games but only 123 titles. In April, the games circulated a total of 334 so a turnover rate of 2.5 which is fabulous.


Programming / Collection

On April 27, the Christiansburg Library held their “Last Dinner on the Titanic” program for 48 delighted participants. They were divided into classes and given the recipes ahead of time so they could prepare the food. The library was nicely decorated and music was provided by Paul Little.


The Sharyn McCrumb and Jack Hinshelwood program on May 8 at the Blacksburg Library was a hit. There were over 90 people. Sharyn talked about and read from five of her books and Jack played music related to the theme of the books. The spectators were thrilled and there was even one person asked who we were bringing in next year.


Summer reading program starts June 11. Flyers and brochures for the Kids and Teens programs were distributed to the Board members.



We have a netbook in Christiansburg and Blacksburg for people to check out to use in-house. One use would be for parents who would like to use a computer but have small children with them. They could check out the netbook for use in the children’s area and be near their children. If the project is successful, we will add one to Floyd and Meadowbrook.


Today we had automated external defibillator (AEDs) installed in Blacksburg and Christiansburg. The county felt it was important to have these units in all public buildings. We applied for a grant several years ago in order to purchase one for Blacksburg but did not get it. There is a defibrillator in the Y which Meadowbrook can use. And now that we have product information, we will look into purchasing one for Floyd.


We will slowly be making changes to our website to make it more useful and easier to use. We hope to do more drop down menus and have pages for kids, teens and seniors easier to find and use.


Staff and Trustees

Ms. Alston welcomed Natalie Cherbaka. She was given an orientation on May 9 and this is her first board meeting.


Also, congratulations to Ginny Gardner, who was reappointed by the Floyd Board of Supervisors for another 4 years. We are still waiting to hear if Karen Drake has been reappointed.


We received an award for outstanding public relations project for populations over 100,000 from the Virginia Public Library Directors Association for our new overdrive campaign featuring local people in recognizable locations around the area. Linda Spivey has completed four posters for us and we have ideas for several more. Ms. Alston voiced accolades for Ms. Spivey’s work.


The board was given book marks that gives the web site for “DayByDayVA”, a family literacy calendar. This will list activities for families and family friendly events and locations around the state. We have a link from the Youth page on our website.


As voted on last month, this body is now a member of ALTAFF, the Association of Library Trustees, Advocates, Friends and Foundations. The board received a welcome letter that gives our login and password. There is lots of good information the board was encouraged to use the site.


The County and the Town of Christiansburg are sponsoring a blood drive on Wednesday, June 20 from 8:30-1:00 p.m. and June 22 from Friday, 1:00-5:00 p.m. We have set a goal of 8 people from the library and would love to include a board member or two. They take appointments but walk-ins are welcome. It will be held at the Government Center.

Committee Reports


Executive Committee – Did not meet.


Development Committee – Did not meet.


Leadership Committee – Ms. Gardner spoke with the board members about the board self-evaluation. The evaluation was e-mailed to board members on Friday. It should be returned by June 15 to Ms. Alston.


New library board officers will be elected at the June meeting. The Leadership Committee will present the new slate of names to be voted on at that time.


Policy Committee – Did not meet.


Floyd Friends of the Library

The Floyd Friends held their first meeting of the year last week. They are in need of more members. They have decided to not have the Holiday Tea this year.


Montgomery Friends of the Library

The annual Garden Tour will be held on July 7.


MFRL Foundation

The quarterly meeting will be held this coming Monday at the Christiansburg Library. They will be working on donor recognition and seeking new donors.


There will be a Hunger Games fundraiser on the lawn of Christiansburg Library on July 21. It will take place from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Closed Meeting


At 8:05 p.m. Ms. Gardner moved that the Montgomery-Floyd Regional Library Board enter into a Closed Meeting as stipulated in the Agenda under Section 2.2.3711 Code of Virginia, discussion, Consideration or Interviews of Prospective Candidates for Employment; Assignment, Appointment, Promotion, Performance, Demotion, Salaries, disciplining or resignation of specific Officers, appointees of Employees of Any Public Body, seconded by Mr. Morikawa and the Board voted unanimously to enter into a Closed Meeting.


Roll Call Vote: Aye Nay

Ann-Margaret Shortt X

Natalie Cherbaka X

Margaret Christle X

Ginny Gardner X

Gene Hyde X

Andy Morikawa X

Anne Page X


Return to Open Session

Mr. Hyde moved, seconded by Mr. Morikawa, and the Board voted unanimously to return to open meeting at 8:22 p.m.


Mr. Hyde moved to Certify that the Montgomery-Floyd Regional Library Board members in Closed meeting, to the best of each member’s knowledge, discussed only public business matters lawfully exempted from open meeting requirements by Virginia law, and only such matters as are identified in the Resolution to enter into Closed Meeting, seconded by Mr. Morikawa, and the Board voted unanimously certification of Closed Meeting.


Mr. Hyde moved to adjourn the meeting and Mr. Morikawa seconded the motion.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 p.m.

Approved by the Library Board

Gene Hyde, Secretary

Ruthie Bellman, Recorder

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