March 2012 Library Board Minutes




March 21, 2012


Board Members Present:

Ann-Margaret Shortt, Chair

Karen Drake

Ginny Gardner

Gene Hyde

Andy Morikawa

Anne Page

Darlene Richardson


County and Affiliate Liaisons Present:

Mary Biggs, Montgomery County Board of Supervisors

Lauren Yoder, Floyd County Board of Supervisors

MaryAnn Hinshelwood, MFRL Foundation

Kit Haggard, Floyd Friend of the Library


Staff Members Present:

Paula Alston, Library Director

Ruthie Bellman, Senior Program Assistant


County and Affiliate Liaisons Absent:

Mary North, Montgomery Friends of the Library


Call to Order: Chair Ann-Margaret Shortt called the monthly meeting of the MFRL Board of Trustees to order at 7:00 p.m., on Wednesday, March 21, 2012 at the Jessie Peterman Library.


Roll Call: Ms. Shortt


Acceptance of Agenda: The motion was made by Trustee Gene Hyde and was seconded by Trustee Andy Morikawa, and the Board voted to accept the agenda.


Approval of Minutes: Trustee Mr. Morikawa moved, seconded by Trustee Karen Drake and the Board voted to approve the February 15, 2012 minutes.


Public Address: Trustee Ann-Margaret Shortt welcomed Lauren Yoder, Floyd County Board of Supervisors’ liaison to the board. Also, Darlene Richardson was welcomed back and introduced her husband, Donnie Richardson who attended the meeting with her. The board also welcomed Cathy Whitten, Branch Supervisor for the Jessie Peterman Library.


New Business:


Director Evaluation Form

Director Paula Alston explained the Director Evaluation form to the board. The board was asked to complete the form and return it to Ms. Drake at the April 18 meeting.


Review of the FY 2012 Library Goals

Ms. Alston updated the board on the progress made towards the FY2012 Library Goals.


Mr. Hyde moved to adjourn the meeting and Trustee Ginny Gardner seconded the motion. The meeting was adjourned at 7:12 p.m.


A reception for the Floyd County Board of Supervisors and Town of Floyd Council followed the Board Meeting.

Approved by the Library Board

Gene Hyde, Secretary

Ruthie Bellman, Recorder



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