The library does not have a formal volunteer program, but we appreciate those individuals who step forward and give their time and talents to the library throughout the year. In the summer, we do have an organized program of young volunteers helping with the Summer Reading Program.

People who wish to volunteer for general or specific tasks should fill out a Volunteer Application form online (below) or in one of the libraries. One of the Branch Library Supervisors will contact you.

We accept volunteers in the Community Sentencing program. Those arrangements are usually made through New River Community Corrections and Pre-trial Services.

We are sometimes able to provide internships or service learning experiences for students. For further information, contact Linda Spivey at lspivey@mfrl.org.

Volunteers do not work with children or at a public service desk; they most often do clerical or collection maintenance tasks. Volunteers keep a timesheet and emergency contact information at the branch where they volunteer, and they wear a name tag identifying them as a library volunteer.

Montgomery-Floyd Regional Library System
Volunteer Application Form

Dear Librarian,
My is and I would be interested in volunteering at of the library.
I am and I be willing to come in on a .
I prefer to be called periodically for .
The area of I am interested in doing is , and my include .
You should know that I which might my activities.
You can () or me ().
I would also like to tell you:

To prove that you are a human, please tell us the of the book displayed to the right.

This form has been designed to be easier and more fun to fill out, using the ideas suggested in Luke Wroblewski's article. We hope it is more pleasant to use than a typical web form.