Books by Mail

The Montgomery-Floyd Regional Library Books by Mail service provides books, DVDs, books on CD, video games and musical CDs to homebound people of all ages. The service is for individuals who are unable to leave home because of a temporary or permanent disability.

Who is eligible?

  1. Anyone with a visual disability
  2. Anyone with a physical disability who is unable to read conventionally printed material
  3. Anyone with a physical disability who is unable to leave home
  4. Any homebound elderly residents over the age of 70 who lives in Montgomery or Floyd County
  5. Anyone who is temporarily convalescing after surgery or an accident and lives in Montgomery or Floyd County

How should the application be completed?
All questions on the Books By Mail application must be completed in full. The application must be signed by a physician, nurse, or social worker who can verify that you are disabled and unable to leave your home.

The application asks about your reading interests. If you check “please do not select items for me,” you will receive only those titles that you request. You must call or email your requests. If you check “please select items for me,” you should indicate your areas of interest under fiction and/or non-fiction. You will receive up to six items from those subject areas or genres. You may also request specific items.

Due dates may vary and mailing time will be included in the due date. Fines will not begin to accrue until three days after the due date.

When your registration is processed, you will receive your first books by mail. You will also receive a welcome letter which further explains the service, including information on about how to contact the library, how to make requests or change information on your application, and how to renew your items.

Library items will be mailed to you in a reusable envelope, either postage free or by book rate through the United States Postal Service. Items should be returned in the same envelope and deposited in a mail box or given to your mail carrier. Further instructions will be included in your welcome packet.

If you have questions, please call (540) 382-6969 x210.