Request a Community Room Reservation:

Reservation Parameters

June: Community room bookings accepted for June and July only.
July: Community room bookings accepted for July and August only.

Montgomery-Floyd Regional Library System provides the community with meeting areas in each library building. The Community Rooms are available for public gatherings of educational, civic, cultural, and governmental groups and individuals. No group or individual may sell items at these gatherings. Your branch library can provide you with the full policy of Community Room use.

To reserve a Community Room, please contact your branch library. You may also submit a request using the form below, however note that this does not guarantee the reservation.

Montgomery-Floyd Regional Library Community Room Request Form

Dear Librarian,
My is and I am the authorized adult representative for my
, .
We would like to use the
on from to .
We expect to have approximately people in for this meeting, which
has a of .
My is , my is , and I receive
my at in (zip).
Please contact me and let me know if the room is available at the time I requested above.

I understand that this is only a request for use, and does not guarantee availability.
I have read and agree to comply with the regulations and procedures detailed in the Community Room Policy.
I understand that I will be held, as the group's representative, responsible to the MFRL Board of Trustees for cleanup and damages.
I understand that I cannot charge admission or a fee, nor can I sell anything while using the community room.
To prove that you are a human, please tell us the of the book displayed to the right.

This form has been designed to be easier and more fun to fill out, using the ideas suggested in Luke Wroblewski's article. We hope it is more pleasant to use than a typical web form.